2019 Event Dates:

  1. Event #1: March 30th
  2. Event #2: May 4th
  3. Event #3: June 8th
  4. Event #4: August 24th
  5. Championship: October 12th
  6. Team Event: July 13th
  7. Make-up Date: September 14th


  1. $75.00 per regular season solo event
    1. $10.00 directly to championship pot.
    2. 75% of remaining $65.00 will be paid out to the Top 25% of the field.
  2. $150.00 per team event. $75.00 per person.
    1. $20.00 per team, $10.00 per person goes directly to championship pot.
    2. 75% of remaining $130.00 will be paid out to top 25% of the field.
  3. $125.00 solo entry for the championship.
    1. 80% of pot will be paid directly to top 10 anglers.
  4. $20.00 side pot for Heaviest Red per event with 100% payout to the top 3.
    1. 85% to first
    2. 10% to second
    3. 5% to third.
  5. $10.00 side pots for Heaviest Flounder and Trout per event with 100% payout to top 3.
    1. 85% to first
    2. 10% to second
    3. 5% to third.
  6. A trophy will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place per event.
  7. AoY winner will receive a trophy and a kayak.
  8. You may only place once in each side pot but you may place in multiple side pots.


  1. Entry cut off will be 12:00PM (Noon) on the day before the event.
  2. No fishing allowed from sunset on the day before the event until 6:00AM on the day of the event.
  3. Launch at any time. Lights are required for pre-sunrise launches.
  4. First cast will be 6:00AM.
  5. Weigh-in will start at 3:00PM and end at 5:00PM. You must be checked in AND have your fish at the weigh-in line by 5:00PM.

Weigh-In Location:

  1. WEIGH-IN: Weigh in location will be at Oneal's Sportsbar & Grill On The Water, 2651 TX-146BUS, Baytown, TX 77520. Weigh-In is between 3:00pm & 5:00pm.

Angler of The Year/Pre-Pay:

  1. AOY will be based on cumulative points throughout the year.
  2. Regular season events will reward points starting at 100 for first and going down by one for each place.
    1. 1st = 100 points
    2. 2nd = 99 points
    3. 3rd = 98 points and so on…
  3. Anyone who comes to the weigh-in but does not weigh in a fish will receive 10 points less than the last place to weigh-in a fish.
    1. If the last person to weigh in a fish receives 70 points everyone who shows up but does not weigh-in will receive 60 points.
    2. There will be a minimum awarded amount of 30 points. Meaning even if 80 people weigh in fish the least amount of points anyone will receive is 30.
  4. We will automatically drop your lowest regular season event for the year for AoY standings.
  5. The championship will count as DOUBLE POINTS for AoY standings. Starting at 200 points and going down by 2 for each place.
    1. 1st = 200 points
    2. 2nd = 198 points
    3. 3rd = 196 points and so on…
  6. AoY awards will be given at the weigh-in for the championship event in addition to the championship prizes.
  7. AoY ties will be determined by total weight for the year including bonus weight for live fish. This will not include each person’s dropped event.
  8. AoY will receive free entry into all 4 regular season events of the next year.
  9. AoY will receive qualification for the next year’s Championship but will have to pay the entry fee.
  10. Pre-Pay will receive qualification for the Championship event.
  11. Pre-Pay will be entered into a drawing at the first weigh in for a brand new Slate 2019 Hobie Compass.


  1. To qualify for the championship you must meet one of the following:
    1. Pre-Pay for all 4 regular season events prior to the weigh in of the 1st event of the year on March 30th.
    2. Be in the top 50 and ties for AoY standings after the final regular season event.
    3. Be the reigning AoY.
  2. Estimated Payouts: (based on $10,000 prize pool)
    1. 1st $4200
    2. 2nd $2550
    3. 3rd $1800
    4. 4th $1500
    5. 5th $1200
    6. 6th $1035
    7. 7th $885
    8. 8th $735
    9. 9th $525
    10. 10th $420

Event Rules:

  1. PERMITTED FISHING LOCATIONS: Kayaks must be launched at a public launch accessible to the general public. You may not launch from private property (including your personal water front property), or any other place that requires "special permission". Boundaries will include all inshore waters you can legally fish with a Texas license. No LA waters are allowed but all Sabine waters legal to fish with a Texas license are allowed. Inshore will include Jetties out to where you can draw a point between the two land masses on each side of the jetty rocks but no further. San Luis Pass will end at the bridge. Rollover pass will not be allowed beyond where the metal walls start on the inshore side as anything inside the pass itself on a kayak is unsafe.
  2. CAPTAINS MEETING: There will be no captains meeting.
  3. MINORS: Anyone under the age of eighteen (18) may fish the LSKS with written permission from either a parent or legal guardian. If minor is under the age of sixteen (16) they must be accompanied by an adult.
  4. FISH LENGTHS: Each contestant can weigh two (2) Redfish within the slot of 20 - 28". Fish will be measured on a slant board with a perfect pincher device. This device will be placed at the 27" mark and measurements will be hands off. Each fish will receive three attempts at making the legal limit and then will be disqualified. Any fish measuring over 28" must be immediately released into the water in which it came from. Contestants must measure the fish to visually verify the fish is within 20 - 28". Contestants shall have ninety (90) seconds to let the fish relax to measure the fish on the water. If a fish is too large after ninety (90) seconds it must be released.
  5. FISH WEIGHTS: We will measure and weigh each fish individually and add the weights together for overall weight. Your largest redfish will automatically be taken for side pots. You will no longer have to pick which redfish you wish to use.
  6. ALTERING OF FISH: Frozen or mutilated fish will not be allowed. Fish shall be considered frozen if it cannot be bent. Fish will be considered mutilated if it looks beat up, eaten by crabs or altered in any way. Ice may be used only to cool down the water temperature in the live well. If a fish dies, it may be put on ice but must be of legal length beforehand. Do not place over sized fish on ice to intentionally shrink it, as this will be deemed as altering the fish. The Tournament shall have the right to retain any fish for further inspection, and all decisions shall be determined final by the Tournament Weigh Master.
  7. PERMITTED FISHING METHODS: Outside of the team event, the Lone Star Kayak Series is a single person event. There shall be no partnering or pooling of fish. You may however launch with and fish shoulder to shoulder with other contestants. All fish must be caught during the day of the event and during the allotted times. Participants are not allowed to fish within one hundred (100) yards of another tournament angler unless waived in or invited. If wading, you must remain tethered to your kayak. Non-participants are not allowed to fish with event contestants. The use of drones on tournament day are strictly prohibited. Any act deemed by the Tournament Director(s) that gives an angler an unfair advantage not specifically covered under this set of rules shall be grounds for disqualification. Any violation by an angler deemed intentional or preconceived by the Tournament Director(s) to gain an unfair advantage, would be grounds for permanent disqualification. During the team event partners must stay within 150 yards of each other.
  8. TACKLE AND EQUIPMENT: All fish must be caught by rod and reel using artificial lures only. You may only use one (1) rod at a time. Trolling is not permitted. Chumming and/or the use of live or dead bait is strictly prohibited. Kayak, canoe, hybrid kayak, paddle or peddle craft only…no motors. If a contestant is over fifty-five (55) years of age or has a physical disability that prevents them from paddling or pedaling, the use of a trolling motor may be used. If an angler falls in this category, they will need to get written approval from the Tournament Directors prior to each event. All kayaks must be physically launched. You may not ferry your kayak (the use of a motorized vehicle or boat to transport your kayak on water or land once launched.)
  9. SAFETY & REGULATIONS: Safe boating shall be observed at all times. All competitors are expected to obey all applicable federal, state and local regulations and laws. Violation of such rules may result in disqualification from the tournament. Repeated or flagrant violations will result in said competitors being banned from future participation in Lone Star Kayak Series tournaments. In addition, participants must wear a US Coast Guard approved PFD at all times while competing in any Lone Star Kayak Series event.
  10. String them & bring them format, this is not a Catch Photo Release (CPR) tournament. Anglers may weigh in live or dead fish. There is a .25 pound bonus to your total weight per live fish added to main stringer. Side pots do not get additional weight added. In order for the fish to be considered alive, the fish needs to show some sign of life at the Weigh-In scale. For example, wave a fin, flare their gills or do something to show us he is alive. We are doing the live fish weigh-in for "conservation" but understand that not every fish is going to end up making it in fully alive to be released back. If the angler is making the attempt and the fish has a pulse, it will be considered "alive" for the .25 pound bonus.
  11. POLYGRAPH: Each contestant who fishes a Lone Star Kayak Series event agrees to potentially submit to a polygraph examination at a time and location determined by the Tournament Director(s) following the end of the competition in each event and abides by its conclusion. Failure to pass the polygraph will result in disqualification.
  12. PROTESTS: All protests must be submitted in writing along with a $100 cash deposit within 10 minutes of when the scales close to the Tournament Director(s). The protester also agrees that if there is a question of verifying the charge of a protest that he or she also may be subject to take a polygraph and agree to testify in a court of law if necessary. If the Tournament Director(s), or polygraph, upholds the protest, the cash deposit shall be returned to the contestant submitting the protest.
  13. Ties: In the event of a tie, the first person to weigh-in shall be declared the winner. If a tie occurs for Angler of the Year, the winner will be the angler with the greatest total weight for the season for all events used to qualify. (not to include the dropped or team events)
  14. RIGHT OF REFUSAL: The Lone Star Kayak Series reserves the right to refuse entry to a participant for any reason. If you have paid your entry & are denied entry to the event, you will be given a full refund. Entry cut off will be Friday @ Noon the week of the tournament. Minors under the age of eighteen (18) may fish the LSKS with written permission from either a parent or legal guardian. If minor is under the age of sixteen (16) they must be accompanied by an adult.
  15. INCLEMENT WEATHER: If the weather looks to be inclement, it is the contestant’s responsibility to check the Lone Star Kayak Series website, Facebook or call the Tournament Directors to see if the event is on. If you do not see or hear a message, the event has not been cancelled. If event is cancelled messages will be posted by 12am and the event will be rescheduled for the date of September 14th, 2019.