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I know some of ya'll have a lot of questions or maybe not so sure of your fish catching skills in a tournament enviroment so i am going to throw out some pointers to help some of ya'll out. i sent this response to someone that was looking for help & after i got done typing it i relized it had some useful information in it that could help everyone out. so here goes ... There is no easy answer unfortunitly. If it was easy to pull big fish out everytime, all the big names in fishing would always win. I have had my fair share of small fish in a tourny & so have a bunch of my buddys that fish them. I guess there are a few answers that can help but every tourny is always a crap shoot in my opinion. there is no magical spot. there might be some spots that have a tendency to have some bigger fish but you have to make enough cast to find them & be there the same day. kind of like that saying ... you should have been here yestrday Pre-fishing ... you have to find the fish ... but fish move all the time ... one weekend they could be in a lake the next weekend they could have moved. try finding schools in a lake ... you might not be able to see the whole school but only one fish... im sure there are bigger fish once you find some smaller just have to make the cast. areas to fish ... i like to fish marsh areas off the inter-coastal water way. imo i think the fish use it as a highway & will move from the deeper water up into the marsh matter what time of year. you also have to look in the coves of the main bay system too....paddle the shoreline. also fish will move one direction around a pond/lake. so if you are paddling clockwise in the lake & you see a fish swimming the same way as you ... paddle the other direction to try to get them coming head on instead of chasing behind them. smaller fish are faster than bigger fish ... always try to cast to the front of the school if you see one. the bigger fish usually lead the pack. a school might on be 3-5 fish ...what i call a wolf pack ... or 20 + fish. paddle shore lines first ... i always paddle the shore line & have a rod ready to sight cast with. i usually have a 1/16oz jig head with a 3" gulp shirmp in pearl or sugar spice. i also blind cast as im making my way around the shorline ... it takes more time out of your day but you dont always see the fish to sight cast too & sometime paddle right on top of the m & spook them. i know a few guys thats all they do is paddle tight to a shore line untill they find fish & continue that pattern most of the day. they will go into the lake paddle the shore line all the way around, then work their way to the middle & try topwaters or a spinner bait ... even a minus 1. some areas only have smaller fish or the bigger ones just arent showing them selfs. i was talking to my buddy Clint Barghi yesterday about his trip this weekend ... hes not fishing the tourny so hes is pre fishing for some of his buddys coming into town from dallas. he said he has made 4 trips in the last 2 weeks to 4-5 different spots & all he can find is fish to 23". Me & my buddy went out on saturday & had a few fish to 25" & we havent fished in weeks. did we get lucky on picking the right spot or just making the right cast? The guy can fish ... hes just not finding the bigger fish for some reason. so its not just you having issues ... you got to put the time on the water & try to keep a positive mind set on the water to be succesfull. i know i didnt give you the magical answer but im sure if you try some of the techniqes i mentioned it will give you a head start. Dustin